Welcome to the Site of the Ghaffari Clan of Iran (from Kashan). The clan has served Iran (Persia) for 1400 of her glorious 2500 year history. The Iranian Plateau has a recorded 7000 year history. Throughout the ages and since the fall of the Sasaanid Empire, the Ghaffari clan have had a hand in every Dynasty ruling Iran. In the last 300 years of her recorded history, they have been profoundly influential in the Iranian body Politic, Arts, Sciences, and technology. Though Iran is mired in the dark period of the second invasion of Islam, the Ghaffari clan has been quietly contributing to her well being inside and in particular outside of her borders. In the hopes that the dark Islamic cloud will be lifted off her face. Iran can once again free herself of a religion, as it did in the 7th century AD, when the people replaced Zoroastrianism with Islam. This time her people can relegate religion to the dustbin of history. The clan owes an apology to the Iranian people for having been influential in keeping and strengthening the Arab ideology on one of the greatest civilizations in the world. In the hopes that the teachings of Cyrus will replace that of Mohammad.