Nasrullah Entezam Saltaneh (1900-1981) نصرالله انتظام

Nasrullah Entezam was a world respected Diplomat and Iran’s first permanent representative to the United Nation in 1946. He was also the founding member of United Nation representing Iran and before that the League of Nations in Paris. He also served as the Chief or Protocol for Reza Shah the Great.

In that capacity he was sent several times to Germany in in late 1930s to meet with Hitler and Von Ribbentrop. Nasrullah served as Ambassador to Switzerland, France and twice to the US. During the Eisenhower and during the Truman administrations. He was appointed as the 5th President of the General Assembly of the United Nations. the first and the last time an Iranian was appointed to that post by the member legation. 

He continued to serve the Monarch upon his retirement in the mid 1960s and his last appointment was as the Deputy director of the Rastakhiz Party. He also served as the chairman of the US centennial celebration committee in Iran.

After the devastating Iranian uprising of 1979, he briefly resided in Geneva but came back to Iran, despite warnings form his close associates. He was arrested at the Mehrabad airport and taken directly to the infamous Evin prison. There this 80 year old man was tortured and suffered a stroke. He was reluctantly taken to the hospital and was released to the care of his sister and taken to her house, where this well respected diplomat succumbed to his wounds and expired.      

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