Nasrullah Entezam Saltaneh (1900-1981)

North Korean Aggression video in 1950His memoir in Farsi: memoirs1, memoirs2, memoirs3, memoirs4, memoirs5, memoirs6

Life story in Farsi: Nasrullah

UN Publication commemorating hi Presidency of the UN General Assembly in Farsi: nassi

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Encyclopedia Iranica


ویکی پیدیا

Voice of America video on UN’s 65 on Nassi on Parsi

UN Speach in 1951

North Korean Aggression video in 1950

Diplomatic Passport Nassi_Diplomatic_Passport

John Foster Dulles letter Dulles letter to Entezam

With Ralph Bunche fiest African American Noble prize winner and negotiator of Isalei/Palestine issue 1950

UN Commemoration day in the Guilan province, Iran – 2016 UN In Iran

Video with Mossadegh when he arrived to the US in 1952 While the Ambassador to the US, with Mossadegh