Farrokh Amin Dowleh Ghaffari (1814-1871) فرخ خان امین الدوله

Farrokh Khan was the emissary of Naser Edin Shah of the Qajar Dynasty to the courts of Napoleon III and Queen Victoria.  In 1850 he was tasked with negotiating the Herat (now Afganistan) territory to the English to save the Persian Gulf from their barbaric onslaught.  He was able to save Persia from being overrun and divvied up by the Brits and the Russians.  He was made a master mason by Emperor Napoleon III (then also the Grand Master of the Masons in France) into the Grand Lodge of the Grand Orient. He was the first Iranian official to be made a mason. His secretary later introduced freemasonry to Iran. Farrokh was later made Marquis De Amin Ol Molk by Napoleon III. Queen Victoria wrote in her diary “she found Farrokh to be a soft spoken and good looking Persian nobleman.”


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