Abouzar Ghaffari (?-670 AD) اباذر(ابوذر) غفاری

Abouzar was the leader of the Ghofar tribe. They were a tribe making their living mostly looting the silk road trade Caravans. They were part of the Persian Empire under the Sassanid dynasty. The tribe was located where today’s Iraq and Syria share their border. Today, we would recognize Abouzar, as a marauder, because he led this tribe, therefore he was instrumental in the crimes his tribe committed.  Abouzar becomes enamored by the similar methods Muhammad the Arab, committed his crimes with. He therefore decides to join this criminal and becomes the 5th person (first non relation) to convert to Islam. By this act he turns his back to the Persian deed and becomes a disciple of the leader of the most heinous ideology in the world. After his death his ilk flee to Iran, the same country he turned his back to, but were welcomed. They set their abode in Kashan. 

Abouzar’s life in Parsi: Abouzar_life_in_Farsi

Abouzar’s life in English: Abouzar_Ghaffari_English


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