Mirza Nezam Edin Mohandes Ol Mamalek Ghaffari (1849 – 1915) مهندس الممالک

He was The Minister of Public Works during the reign of Mozafar Edin Shah of the Qajar dynasty.

Mirza Nezam ed-Din Mohandes ol-Mamalek Ghaffari During his adolescence, was sent to Europe to study at the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris in the field of Mining and Mathematics. On his return from Europe he remained unemployed for some time, but later he worked as an interpreter in the Chancellery. Then he attained the rank of colonel. He returned to Europe, but this time as an arms buyer. Back in Iran, he was appointed tutor to the Crown Prince. Then he was commissioned to mine gold in the region of Kuh Zard and Nasser ed-din Shah put him in charge of the construction of the road leading from Tehran to Amol. The road in question was completed three years later and he undertook, with the title of Royal Engineer, the construction of the road from Tehran to Ghom.